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Our amazing Mental Health team has put together some videos and worksheets on different subjects which you might find helpful - just click on the links below. Please keep coming back to this page; it is being updated all the time!

Having trouble sleeping...?


Our brain and our breathing


Sesame Street Belly Breathe Song


Managing angry feelings


Setting Intentions

One way to help your children have ownership of what they want to get out of their day or to deal with any stresses is to help them with daily intentions or positive goals. Setting intentions allows children to be mindful about their mental, emotional and physical selves.

We try to set intentions with mindfulness, awareness and acceptance.

  • What is mindfulness? A state of living in the moment with awareness and acceptance.
  • What is awareness? Recognizing the thoughts, feelings, sensations and surroundings that may be experienced in a particular moment.
  • What is acceptance? Not passing judgement or being critical of those thoughts, feelings, sensations and surroundings in that moment and not comparing yourself to others.

Setting intentions at different times of the day at home fits in really well with what we do at school when we have our check ins with the children and they talk about which zone they are in.

Setting Intentions

Young Minds Matter

We are delighted that our school has been given the opportunity to take part in a new, national programme to help make mental health support for children and young people more available when they need it.

We are one of 72 schools from Cheltenham, Gloucester and the Forest of Dean to work with the NHS in Gloucestershire to introduce Mental Health Support Teams into schools.

We hope that these teams will provide valuable support to our pupils to help them with life’s ups and down, for example, with issues such as anxiety, friendship concerns, exam stress and challenging behaviour.

This may involve group work and/or individual, one-to-one support, either at school or elsewhere. Where appropriate, the Mental Health Support Team will also link up with the specialist mental health services in Gloucestershire. They will also support parents and teachers to help children and young people who are experiencing difficulties.

If you have any questions or concerns or would like to make a referral to the service, please contact:

Kirstin Eccles:


Young Minds Matter Privacy Notice

Young Minds Matter - letter to parents