Belmont and SAND Academies Trust

Belmont School became part of SAND Academies Trust in 2019 and is now one of six academies under the SAND umbrella. We work in partnership with the Trust to improve outcomes, opportunities and life chances for students, while maintaining Belmont’s unique ethos, culture and identity.

The Trust Board is the accountable body, and has ultimate responsibility for the strategic functions of governance, as follows:

  • Ensuring there is clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • Holding executive leaders to account for the educational performance of the organisation and its pupils, and the performance management of staff
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the organisation and making sure its money is spent well and wisely

What does the LAB do?

The LAB supports the Trustees in fulfilling the strategic functions at a local level, and within the powers delegated to them through the Scheme of Delegation. LAB members consider how the school is performing today as well as thinking about the future and how the school can improve.

Their role is to:

  • Uphold the SAND Academies Trust ethos, vision and aims, and ensure these are embedded throughout the school and in all LAB discussions and decisions
  • Ensure that the school promotes equality, diversity and inclusion for all its pupils, staff and stakeholders
  • Behave in an honest and open way and follow the LAB Code of Conduct and the seven Nolan Principles of public life
  • Ensure the safety and wellbeing of pupils and staff at all times
  • Build and maintain good relationships with the school, the Trust, the headteacher, staff, students and other stakeholder groups
  • Promote links with the school’s community at every opportunity
  • Work with the SAND central team to ensure the school is well supported, and promote positive relationships across the Trust
  • Attend and support school events where possible
  • Ensure the school is clear and ambitious for the students and in line with the Trust’s strategic plan
  • Monitor targets for the school around pupil achievement, school improvement and curriculum development
  • Ensure that the school is best able to achieve its objectives over the long term
  • Hold the headteacher to account for the management of the school, delivery of student outcomes and for carrying out any LAB decisions

How is the LAB made up?

Members of Local Advisory Boards are drawn from different stakeholder groups. The different categories of LAB members are as follows:

  • Staff – elected by staff at the school
  • Parent – elected by the parent/carer community at the school
  • Headteacher – an ex-officio member by virtue of their role in the school
  • Community – representatives of the local community or to bring a specific skillset

Statutory information

The following statutory information for SAND Academies Trust can be found on the SAND website:

  • Governance structure – including statutory information for Members and Trustees
  • Scheme of Delegation
  • Terms of Reference for board committees and LABs
  • Articles of Association
  • Funding agreements
  • Annual report and audited accounts
  • Executive Pay statement
  • Gender Pay Gap information

The Clerk to the Belmont LAB is Caroline Sexton. If you have any LAB related queries or need to contact Chair of LAB, please email or write to the Clerk at Belmont School, Warden Hill Road, Cheltenham GL51 3AT

Belmont LAB members

Paul Tibbetts Parent (elected by parent body)


04-12-2020 – 03-12-2024
Ruth Hansell Parent (elected by parent body)

Interventions & Government Funding

02-12-2022 – 01-12- 2026
Tina Clark Community (elected by LAB)

English and Maths, Headteacher Welfare

19-01-2021 – 18-01-2025
Janet Tee Community (elected by LAB)

Friends@Belmont, School Council, Student Voice

17-11-2020 – 16-11-2024
Kevin Day Headteacher (ex-officio) N/A
Louisa Fenton-Musty Staff (elected by staff body)

Staff Wellbeing

10-03-2021 – 09-03-2025
Jane Ozanne Community (elected by LAB)

Safeguarding, PHSE, Health & Safety

18-01-2023 – 17-01-2027
Paula Scott Community (elected by LAB)

Community Links

08-03-2023 – 07-03-2027
Lewis Grainger


Chair, Appointed by Trust

Pupil Progress & Interventions

Pupil Premium & Attendance

15-10-2020 – 14-10-2024

Resigned December 2022

Jenny Moss


Community 17-11-2020. Resigned May 2022
Derek McLean


Parent 04-12-2020. Resigned July 2022
Anne Wilson


Community 17-11-2020. Resigned March 2022


Belmont LAB Register of Business & Pecuniary Interests

Download Register of Interests 2022 – 2023

Belmont LAB attendance

ATTENDANCE NAME CATEGORY 20-09-2023 22-11-2023 17-01-2024 28-02-2024 24-04-2024 19-06-2024
Paul Tibbetts Parent (elected) Yes Yes
Tina Clark Community Yes Yes
Janet Tee Community Yes Yes
Jane Ozanne Community Yes Yes
Paula Scott Community No Yes
Ruth Hansell Parent (elected) Yes Yes
Louisa Fenton-Musty Staff (elected) Yes Yes
Kevin Day Headteacher Yes Yes


ATTENDANCE NAME CATEGORY 21-09-2022 16-11-2022 18-01-2023 08-03-2023 10-05-2023 21-06-2023
Paul Tibbetts Parent (elected) Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Tina Clark Community Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Janet Tee Community No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Louisa Fenton-Musty Staff (elected) Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Ruth Hansell Parent (elected) n/a n/a Yes Yes Yes No
Kevin Day Headteacher Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Jane Ozanne Community n/a n/a Yes Yes Yes Yes
Paula Tippins Community n/a n/a n/a Yes Yes No
RESIGNED Lewis Grainger Trust appointed Yes Yes n/a n/a n/a n/a



ATTENDANCE NAME CATEGORY 22-09-2021 17-11-2021 19-01-2022 16-03-2022 04-05-2022 22-06-2022
Lewis Grainger Trust appointed Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tina Clark Community Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Jenny Moss Community No Yes No Yes N/A resigned N/A
Janet Tee Community Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Anne Wilson Community Yes No Yes N/A resigned N/A resigned N/A
Paul Tibbetts Parent Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Derek McLean Parent Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Louisa Fenton-Musty Staff Yes Yes Yes No No Yes
Kevin Day Headteacher Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Belmont LAB Meeting Dates 2023/24

All meetings held from 4.30pm – 6pm at Belmont:

20th September 2023

22nd November 2023

17th January 2024

28th February 2024

24th  April 2024

19th June 2024



Minutes 22 November 2023