Belmont's Outreach Team

Belmont has a wealth of experienced staff who can offer school to school support in a range of topics.  Training can be held at Belmont, or at another school as appropriate.

To find out more, and to have an initial and exploratory discussion with our trainer(s), please contact the Belmont School office on 01242 216180 – we look forward to working with you.

Kevin Day, Headteacher

Kevin has been teaching for more than 20 years, with a particular focus and skills around Special Educational needs, behavioral interventions, safeguarding, and leadership and motivation of staff. After 14 years teaching in secondary schools, he was appointed as Headteacher of Gloucestershire’s Virtual School, supporting Children In Care.

Kevin has been Head at Belmont since September 2013, an outstanding special school supporting primary and secondary age children with moderate to complex needs.

Summary of training available:

  • Special Educational Needs – inclusion, understanding special schools, and transition.
  • Managing parents, staff and working with governors – specific training available on ‘difficult’ people, motivation and accountability, and behavior for learning.
  • SEN ‘Mocksted’ dry-run inspection
  • School improvement / development work
  • Secondment and capacity support

Katy Hanna, Assistant Headteacher

Katy has developed a range of holistic and academic interventions to support the needs of pupils through the use of Pupil Premium funding.  Katy leads interventions based on her analysis of data of the students’ personal, social and emotional wellbeing. She is an established Thrive practitioner and uses this approach to successfully monitor and implement strategies and action plans for children’s personal, social and emotional well-being. In addition, Katy supports Primary staff with strategies for both in and out of the classroom.

Belmont has a high percentage of students who qualify for Pupil Premium and during 2015 Katy’s leadership secured Belmont as a finalist in the National Pupil Premium Awards following several successive years of a “closed gap” for its vulnerable learners.

Summary of training available:

  • Choosing and developing the most appropriate interventions.
  • Making the most of Pupil Premium and closing the gap.
  • Supporting EHCPs through interventions.
  • Support for prospective/new pupils to ensure a smooth and effective transition.
  • Working with staff to develop Thrive action plans and interventions for identified pupils.
  • Supporting staff to develop strategies to enhance a SEN child’s engagement within a mainstream curriculum.
  • SEN within primary schools and how to have a more inclusive classroom.
  • Attachment theory training.

Chantel Yeates, Deputy Headteacher

Chantel Yeates has been a teacher for 20 years both in the UK and overseas.  She completed a Masters in Educational Leadership with a specific focus on Inclusive Education.  As both Pastoral and Academic Deputy Headteacher, Chantel has a wealth of knowledge and experience in all areas of school life in primary and secondary settings and more recently in Special Educational Needs. With an interest in child psychology, Chantel has helped to create diverse curriculum areas ensuring both wellbeing and progression.

Summary of training available:

  • Mentor/Coach for new middle or senior leaders
  • ‘Understanding People’ whole staff workshop
  • Assessment in schools – how can we assess all pupils even those that are underachieving?
  • Creative teaching and learning for SEN pupils
  • Identifying Special Educational Needs and adapting teaching styles to support progress
  • Creative curriculum and timetabling
  • Trauma informed schools
  • Restorative practice within schools
  • Foetal Alcohol Syndrome training
  • Attachment theory in schools training.
  • Staff mental health and wellbeing support, and how to build this in schools

Mr Paul Shand, Key Stage 4 Leader

Paul Shand has worked in Gloucestershire special schools for over 30 years. He has experience as pastoral lead, behaviour manager, safeguarding and attendance and as Key Stage 4 manager. Paul has been a Team Teach trainer and practitioner for over 10 years offering training courses for both mainstream and special schools across the age range of 5-16.

Summary of training available:

  • Team Teach Workshop – learn de-escalation and positive handling strategies to ensure the best outcomes for students and staff in challenging situations
  • Risk Assessment planning to best support and protect staff and young people.

Emma Kear, Senior HLLP

Emma has over 25 years of experience supporting children with a variety of complex needs. She is qualified in delivering holistic interventions including SLP (Social use of Language and Communication Programme), Sand Tray and Thrive. Emma works closely with children requiring extra behaviour intervention and transition to new placements. Emma has tutor responsibilities including EHCP, completing Risk Assessments and Parental Consultations. Emma liaises directly with the school nurse and outside medical agencies for the health and well-being of pupils.

Summary of training available:

  • Maximising impact of Learning Support Workers
  • Support and guidance around interventions, including social skills and managing behaviour
  • Support and guidance on the transition of new pupils
  • Advice and guidance for Continued Professional Development of Learning Support Workers.