School Council

Members of School Council are elected by their peers by way of an official anonymous ballot in each class and represent their fellow students in a huge variety of different ways, all focused on keeping our school environment a happy and healthy place.

Supported by a dedicated member of the teaching staff, the Council decides on topics for the school to focus on each year. These may include whole-school competitions, assemblies, special projects and guest visits.  A budget is available to help with such initiatives, and the students can also run fundraisers to add to this financial support.

To date, School Council has been involved in activities such as:

  • sharing their thoughts and ideas on new school facilities
  • Organising competition for national fundraising events such as Comic Relief
  • Contributing to the recruitment process by joining the interview panels for prospective staff
  • Leading school tours and answering questions about the school
  • Acting as mentors and buddies for new and younger children